taking the long road back

Since I have nothing academic to write for yous and since E's disappeared (meaning this space is mine, I reckon), I thought I'd write about what I've been doing for the past two hours.

Planning my trip back to Washington.

Why is it taking so long, yous ask?

Well, do I go to Yosemite for two days, then to Sacramento for a day (for the gold-mining history) and then East Glacier National Park for 3 days and then DC? This would mean travelling back on the Empire Builder, a trip I did on my way here (but without the stop at the National Park and the Park seemed magnificent)


Do I avoid Yosemite (why join the hordes or people and it's bound to be more expensive) and go to Tahoe (hopefully few people in the summer and yet good for hiking and biking about) and then DC through the Rockies (and Denver)?


Do I just go directly to DC and see if I can last 55 hours on a train? (the answer's Yes. I can amuse myself endlessly by staring out the window and making notes on things seen)

And, how do I coordinat all this (well, except the last route) when the public transport system is such a bloody hassle to maneuvre?

Well, there yous have it. Nothing academic. I did mean to write about the final Harry Potter/Simpsons' film (which I just saw) and how they both benefit by having what went before go before.

Or, how Homer and Harry are rather similar, actually.

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