Getting our act(s) together

Regular readers of PTSD and mates of either/both of us in RL know well that we are probably not very much alike. After all, E relaxes reading Joseph Mitchell. My blankie of support is P.G. Wodehouse. I fancy skinny blokes in geek gear. She goes for the leather-jacketed types. She reads physics books for fun and talks about the Doctor and complex systems. I run screaming away if a physics book deigned to appear in my vicinity and talk of how good the Doctor looks in glasses (and a tux).

But, I guess E'd agree that we both seem to share a marvellous tendency to procrastinate. While watching Part I of the Cybermen episode earlier this evening*, we realised we were far more efficient in organising ourselves and getting together ideas and folks for panels for BigNameConference and SmallRegionalMeeting last year, when I was in the Outback of Denmark, rather than this year, when both of us are in the city about which we do not talk much about. Here, proper work-talk hardly ever occurs when we meet up and, instead, we watch telly (and eat food).

Here's hoping that blogging about this will lead to us getting our act(s) together and producing something in the next week or so. Deadlines are looming.

* This reminds me to check on how the cybermen killed people in the classic Doctor series. I know they did something. I just don't remember what. Also, it's seriously bad casting to have Trigger play an Evil Mastermind (EM). I can't forget him mistaking Albert Einstein for the Beatles' manager (a mild gaffe for Trigger) and now I have to believe he's an EM? It's just not possible.


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