Is this what Happy Tenure feels like?

Probably not. But, I'm filling in all day at the LS as superflunkie during exams/graduate study. The thing about being SF is that I can't be fired (since I'm not actually here you see) so, as long as I do my flunkie tasks, I can do other things which are normally not within flunkie guidelines.

This means the morning today has been spent dealing with cranky LS students panicking about exams but with the best FA Cup in memory playing (off a dodgy 'net feed from Chinese TV--another one of those "what did people do before the Internet?" moments for me) in the background. Yes, it's not the local pub but I don't get paid to watch footy when at pubs so this isn't half bad.

A perfect match. But, again, why, oh why, can't Liverpool ever win a match without (almost) giving their fans a heart attack? 2-0 down and a comeback and then penalties. Sound familiar?


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