Let's just call today "Random Media Recommendations" Day

And be done with it.

First off: News from Kevin Smith. Clerks II will be opening early, on July 21st. So you know where S and I will be that night. Bit of an early birthday present for both of us.

If you're looking for a more permanent expression of birthday good wishes, I recommend an autographed copy of Evening Harder, which is not as kinky as it sounds. I hope.

I've already posted a music idea. Angsty, emo, melodic ballads. But she can sing. And the lyrics are great. So get over that need to be seen as tough, and go find a copy of it.

What's left? If you can't figure out what television programs I'd list as "Must See," you must have been reading someone else's blog.

Right, books. Two good ones:

Science, Technology, and Society: A Sociological Approach, by Bauchspies, Croissant, and Restivo. Fun to read, and featuring a methodological stance that I find to be comforting, if a little ontologically weird. And it's short and portable.

Up in the Old Hotel, Joseph Mitchell. I've probably mentioned this before, as it's the old favorite that I pull out when I can't concentrate on anything else.

And for your web entertainment needs, there's the "Bird Flu and You: A quick guide to protecting yourself and your family from bird (pandemic) flu." I'm pretty sure the "Fowl Plague" pun was accidental, but I could be wrong.


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