I bet Ludwig would've watched BSG

More fabulous tv linking: Viewing Television with Wittgenstein.
1 The world is all that is on the box.
1.1 All that is on the box is on television.
1.11 Television is the totality of all programmes.
1.12 Nothing truly exists in the world until it has been on television.
1.13 Nothing on television truly exists in the world.
1.14 Deal or No Deal exists on television. Deal or No Deal does not exist in reality.
1.15 Television is not reality. It is a model of reality.
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At 5/08/2006 10:12 AM, Anonymous serena said...

television as a model of reality is disappointing indeed.

At 5/08/2006 9:51 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Why? It's rather a good model, I thought. What with being wrong, incomplete, and skewed inevitably toward the personal opinions of the person creating it.

At 5/09/2006 1:10 PM, Anonymous serena said...

LOL it's not that it makes a disappointing model, its the fact that the model/reality is disappointing in and of itself.

At 5/12/2006 11:51 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Ah. Yeah, that I agree with.

Any interest in going to WritersCon in July?


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