More plastic Who adventures

Off you go, then. You know you love this stuff.

Need more convincing? In context, this actually made me laugh until I cried. I think it's because it is so very funny, and yet so deeply disturbing in many ways. Also, because "Sparkly Biker Pony Tattoo Parlor of Dreams" is the best name ever. We might as well just move this blog over to Livejournal and get it over with.

Nine: Surely you jest! Baby T. Rex would never hurt anyone, would you you widdle cutey?
Ten: Even if they do eat your people, you shouldn't use magic to blind them. IT'S WRONG AND EVIL AND STUFF.
Baby Moondancer: ... I realize we're all plastic, but why do I get the impression that you're the only ones with no brains?
Nine: I like dinosaurs, me.
Ten: ... he gets like that.

Nine: Things are about to get pretty interesting.
Ten: ... define 'interesting.'
Nine: 'Oh God, oh God, we're all gonna die'?


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