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microcosm: a smaller, representative system having analogies to a larger system.
I do love the things that bloglines drops into my browser on a regular basis. I'm thinking of making "What does dictionary.com say today?" a feature around here. It'd be easier than thinking up topics on my own, wouldn't it?

Today's examples of microcosms and PTSD:

1. Our recent discussions of Doctor Who, which center on the question of how you can use a television narrative to talk about the world, including our (okay, Priya's) efforts to put together a panel discussing Doctor Who and political science.

This is with the exception of my fanboi BBC post, which is just a bit of snarking at the need for a 15 person production team to accomplish what a bored teenager can do using her home computer.

2. My (yet-to-be-really-started) dissertation project, which is, at heart, an attempt to model the world using no more factors than absolutely necessary. A bit of the world, anyway. It's all about scalability, which may or may not be an actual word. And may not be spelled correctly.

3. The perils of the graduate school process, when lined up against academia as a whole.

4. Our particular fannishness here at PTSD, which reflects several larger fandoms and a rather frightening number of people. This is particularly true of several of my West Wing rants. And the whole debate about whose Doctor is cooler / hotter / more true to the original vision of the show.

5. The devolution of this blog from something remotely highbrow into a collection of rants and squeeing, with only occasional respites of poetry, theory, and general commentary. I'll leave open with which larger system this shares characteristics.


At 4/29/2006 4:19 PM, Blogger Priya said...

1. I liked the Beeb post. And am a Snow Patrol fan :-)
2. Scalability.
3. Perils? I thought good stuff balanced out the bad stuff
4. RFD...when in glasses is totally absolutely Very Fanciable Doctor. I love the quick rage, the rudeness, the outwardly charming demeanour and the joy in dodgy situations (the happiness about the werewolf)
5. We have some academic stuff going on--my excuse of "squeeing" over RFD is because (as you well know) I don't have a non-academic social life so have to depend on fanciable doctors to get me through this tough academic times like now :-)

At 4/30/2006 11:05 AM, Anonymous serena said...

lol the blog is genius!


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