Law and Order = Reapers

Those stupid shows are eating all of television, from the inside out. I don't care *what* episode it is, Law and Order: SVU does not belong on SciFi. Neither does American Psycho. Because the SciFi network is supposed to show scifi. Not crime drama. Not ever crime drama. And especially not crappy crime drama that's entirely plot driven and far too overplayed as it is. So much so that it can easily be compared to giant screeching critters that eat Great Britain's favorite unnamed Time Lord.

And if they don't want us making that connection, they've got no business showing the commercials during Doctor Who.* Honestly, make it that obvious and I can't help myself. You're lucky I can't work photoshop, or else I'd have posted a picture of that loud guy's head on a winged creature.

*And while I'm on the subject of commercials--the middle of the big heartwarming Doctor and Rose scene? *Not* the right time to cut to a commercial break. That's just wrong. Even if it was for Heineken. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Wrong.

And I had no idea how irritating the extra edits would be. Like those little bits of peppermint that get stuck in your teeth, except without the endearing part. [ETA: This makes more sense with the rest of the paragraph, which was about how this episode wasn't edited for time and it makes a difference, and some stuff about later in the US season. Not sure where it went, and don't feel like rewriting it.]


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