The many faces of Chi

Random thoughts from this afternoon:

1. I will never understand baseball (which isn't necessarily a bad thing): why have a team sport where individual play is (supposedly) prized? On a sports-related theme, LilSis1 and LilSis2 are planning an outing to the New Zealand-Australia rugby match in early July. I'm (as yous might expect) extremely envious. Rugby matches, especially NZ-Oz ones, are fantastic spectacles (I generalise based on a small sample of two).

2. This is my first summer without going anywhere overseas in a long while. I already feel slight nuttiness coming up, especially now that LilSis2 (the one who was here) is now in New Zealand with LilSis1 (the one named after a South American country which no one in my family's ever been to) and apparently having a marvellous time, planning trips to LOTR sites. It's a good thing I need a visa to go anywhere (and don't have a credit card) or else I'd be flying off to whenever by early August.

3. Chi is pronounced "kai" not "chee". Unless you are talking of the Chinese concept of life energy. I think that one is pronounced as "chee".

4. Imagine going to a dark building in the middle of the day. All doors are locked and there are signs saying the building is shut down for the summer. You find an open door and walk in to see many bodies (small and larger) lying about on the floor, covered with blankets. It's rather chilly (especially after the sweltering day outside) and there's no movement.*

5. Catching up with an old friend and making plans is always fun. Regular meetings planned over the summer when we can both whinge about writing (sure to be dreadful) and housemates (bloody nitwits, all of them) over tall schooners of beer.

6. Preparing for the big match tomorrow and trying to see if I can reconcile my (usual) football-watching friends who happen to support opposing teams. I wonder if it's too late to pull a sickie and watch the match at home by myself?

7. On the "if I tell myself it will happen, it will" list: Write drafts of various things (but not the chi-squared analysis of whether democratisation contributes to World Cup success. Doesn't that sound like fun, though?) including dissertation over the next 2-3 months of the summer.

8. I miss DW-watching now that E's off on a Due South kick. I do.

Yous will have to wait for E to get back from her first teaching gig today and (hopefully) write about it. Don't worry, despite my DarkLiquid experience (about which yous shall hear of continuously from now on), I am not planning an insurgency to overthrow (well, sideline) E and take over PTSD. Not yet, anyway.

* It turns out I'd walked into the childcare centre where the kids were having their afternoon nap. A helpful woman directed me to where I needed to go (and even took me there). It was a bit of a shock to see the inert bodies in a seemingly-abandoned residence hall though. Too much Terrorism workshopping, I reckon.


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