I like it here, no accounting for taste

My ipod is cheerier than the laptop, but either way the music selection seems to indicate that I just don't give a damn.

In keeping with my recent posts of little consequence, I present a pair of Friday Random Tens. (For your continuing edification, Loyal Reader, I've included the reason that I originally stumbled upon the band, or the album if it's from a collection. Enjoy the little glimpse of my psyche that gives you.)

From iTunes:

“Meanwhile” No Motiv (Vagrant Records has never steered me wrong when it comes to songs both loud and angry.)
“I Don’t Care” Flipp (Chasing Amy isn't my favorite Kevin Smith film, but it's better than Jersey Girl.)
“Leather” Tori Amos (Neil Gaiman's Sandman series has an intro by Tori Amos, and she got a lot of airtime on 89X out of Windsor when I was in high school.)
“Lover Lies” The Atomic Fireballs (Warped Tour, Detroit, late 90s. Detroit clubs after that.)
“Drunken Sailor” Captain Tractor (due South)
“Alive” Gravity Kills (They opened for Kid Rock at Asylum in 1994, maybe? Might have been 1993, or 1996. It's all a bit blurred, but he was still playing little dive clubs at the time.)
“Mass Romantic” The New Pornographers (Men With Brooms, I think. Although I saw them in concert before that, probably in Detroit.)
“Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll” The Killers (Honestly? No idea. Probably means the album came from my brother, and therefore he heard them on 89X.)
“Downtown” Headstones (89X, junior year of high school. And many, many places after that."Cemetery" is the first song of theirs that I remember listening to and wanting to own.)
“Make This Go On Forever” Snow Patrol (BBC and Doctor Who)

From the iPod:

“Hell Yes” Alkaline Trio (Vagrant again.)
“Nothing Wrong With You” The Finn Brothers (Crowded House, of course.)
“Rosie” Jill Jack (89X, and the Red Wings)
“Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy” The Kinks (Grosse Point Blank? Dunno, because I can't remember not listening to them.)
“This Is How It Goes” Billy Talent (89X picked them up recently, but they've been around for a while. The band's name comes from Hard Core Logo, which is how I found them. Turns out I can't spell.)
“Mystery To Me” Headstones (Did you know that Hugh Dillon shaved his head? I just found that out yesterday. There's your useful fact for the day. No, I don't know what it's useful for.)
"Earleen" Patrick Lewandowski (Frankie's, late 90s. His family owns an HVAC company down the street from my parents, which is odd but irrelevant.)
"Take the Skinheads Bowling" Camper van Beethoven (Fuck if I know. I think I've always known this band, and this song. No, wait, it was part of a mix tape from David, back in the dark ages of vinyl.)
“Lullabye” Concrete Blonde (Yikes. Um, middle school, first. I had a cassette of Bloodletting for my very first Walkman. And then Amy and I listened to them far, far too often in college.)
“26 Miles By Car” Jim Bryson (Maple Music, which is a fantastic source for Canadian artists and projects. I'd link to them, but Blogger and Safari are not the best of friends. Go buy stuff from them. I think they've got the new BNL for sale, and possibly some newish Tragically Hip.)


At 9/17/2006 9:33 AM, Blogger Priya said...

What's with this Canadian obsession? Or, as I wrote earlier, the postcolonial obsession (can one be obsessed with the postcolonials? Is that being Orientalist?)

At 9/17/2006 11:43 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

What obsession? It said to hit random, so I hit random. This is what I got. I grew up on Canadian alt-rock-punk-ska, so that's my default setting.

It's cold and dark up there, so they've got plenty of time to write angry music.

Besides, I've got at least nine tracks on the list that have no connection (even in my head) to Canada or Detroit. Well, no, if I add in Detroit, it's five. No, wait, two of those are bands that I listened to as 89x concerts. Never mind.


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