video killed the radio star*

Yes, I'm a bit late. Oh, I'm also rather pissed off that my (rather brilliantly-crafted) post was mysteriously shut down by my (dodgy) version of Office. It had been about this show,** which began the same year I started uni. But, karma decreed it that post would remain unshared with the PTSD-reading public. Or it would have if karma could perform actions.

Anyway, here you have it: one of my favourite things is YouTube.***

It gave me Schoolhouse Rock, when I wanted to know what it was; it entertains me with loads of MP (and Fry and Laurie), when I feel down; Peter's exploits and Liverpool's latest goals.

But, best of all, it gave me this--A collection (and check out the comments for more) of great moments in some of my favourite sports (via the Guardian). The football ones, especially, are brilliant.

I'm not too sure how much longer YouTube can keep on doing what it does but, for now, it's fantastic.

* Here's the video. Off YouTube, of course.

** And not just for its casting of Asian people doing regular, run-of-the-mill things. That is, without excessively obssessing about their ethnicities but getting along with obssessing about other things--jobs, sex, living situations, and so on. This was pretty new stuff for the mid-1990s.

***The Beeb is still my first and ongoing love. I would like to state that right now before I start talking about other things.


At 12/07/2006 2:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just wasted a bit of time watching the cricket bits. i liked them the best. there was another one with tuffnell trying to run out s.waugh which was equally funny.

At 12/08/2006 2:47 PM, Blogger Priya said...

Yes...some of the older footy stuff's good too.


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