Another reason to love the Beeb*

Their ongoing coverage of the "Future of TV" on the BBC Online site.

In the past few days, they have told us how to acquire TV shows online, where to do it and what to watch on the web.

Oh, they've also added that most of the downloads are not quite legal. But, is that enough when they've already told us about all the *gasp* illegal downloading people do online?

As someone who grew up watching BBC shows through the means of the local British Council library, these new ways of acquiring shows are even better--quick and easy. It's also rather amusing that the Beeb seems to be teaching people (or at least its online readers) how and where to get these new TV shows--almost like the British Council but in digital (and, of course, not quite legal) form.

* Seriously, they should start paying me for the amount of (free) publicity I give them.


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