Like a zero in nothingness, I disappeared*

But, before I did that, I said "hurrah" for this:

The bloke on the left of us is the Prime Minister, nattily attired in Nepali gear. Those hats? They are made of special cloth and the really good ones can only be found in Bhaktapur (and I know this because my siblings and I once shopped for one for my Dad).

The bloke in the nifty grey/blue ("Western") suit (with an open collar, probably signifying his willingness to hang out with the Proletariat as well as his casual disdain for those oh-so-formal Nepali gear**) is Prachanda, the leader of the Maoists.

The event? The signing of the peace accords, ending the decade-long conflict. Something worth giving thanks for.

* Umm...no, it doesn't make much sense to me either but then I'm fairly thick (and a bad translator of literary Nepali). The rest of the poem is along similar lines. It was written by one of the (many) Nepali "great poets" and seems to be about nothingness and peace. There's been a lot of the former and not much of the latter around there lately.

** Nepali gear comes with a lot of ribbons. There are ribbons on either side of a double-breasted tunic-like top and ribbons around the top of the trousers. Presumably, Nepali trouser-makers have yet to discover the benefits of elastic. If yous are really keen on reading more, go here--not just Nepali gear but the gear of our friendly neighbours in the region are explained.


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