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My dvds of Twitch City are sitting at the post office* waiting for me to come get them.** I am strong, though, and in no way obsessing over the delayed opportunity to watch one of the best self-referential pop culture events ever in a format other than a digital rip of a third generation VHS copy.

I am not rushing over to pick them up right this instant.

I'm not. I'm sitting right here, not working on editing a paper that needs to be sent to Weberman because I may have volunteered to talk about it. And listening to the Headstones.***

Of course, had I not gone to campus yesterday, the USPS would have given me my dvds and I could be watching Curtis, Nathan, Hope, and Newbie right now. But I'm not bitter. No, suffering is good for the soul or something.****

* I live in a fairly nice area, so I don't understand why the Canadians insist on me signing for all my packages. Amazon.com has no qualms about leaving stuff on my doorstep, so why is Amazon.ca trying to ruin my life?

** At least, they should be. I've had one threat that someone was going to drive up from Texas, break in, and steal them. I think she was kidding, but with 6 degrees fans, who can tell?

*** And you thought I'd forgotten about my efforts to convert the world to the wonders of Hugh Dillon. Fat chance.

**** Priya, I think, might disagree.


At 11/21/2006 3:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. I admire the self-restraint; really do - no sarcasm there.

2. Aaah Hugh!

3. Looks like you're doing actual work; speaking of which, I didn't remember I'd be getting papers in today so guess who will be grading before she can write.

Genealogy Spice

At 11/21/2006 8:19 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

1. Yeah, I lasted an hour. Still, I did try. But the attraction of the Job Wheel was too great.

2. I'm going to sssume that was a scream of excited agreement that Hugh Dillon is the greatest post-punk Canadian singer ever.

3. I was doing work; now I'm watching as many episodes of Twitch City as humanly possible before I have to go start cooking for Thursday.

At 11/22/2006 2:33 PM, Blogger Priya said...

Re: no. 2--the competition is a bit slim, isn't it?

At 11/22/2006 3:18 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Hey! It's not, actually. He's got *lots* of competition. But no one who's really in the same league.

Did I mention that he has a cameo in TC as Howard the Cannibal? Who runs for cellblock captain?


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