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So here’s the thing. I try to limit the number of shows I see, because of things like rent and food and, you know, the whole research and writing issue. One, maybe two a month. Sometimes less.

But it looks like I won’t be going to anything in February, because there are four (FOUR!) great shows coming to the DC area in March. Four shows, three of them at Jammin’ Java in Vienna. One at the National Cathedral, which is my favorite place in DC. March is going to be a very good month. Expensive, but good.

So. I know *I’m* going to all of these concerts. I somehow doubt that S will be up for this many shows, though, so I’m trying to find out if people want to go with me. The shows I’m planning to attend are:

Peter Mulvey (March 6, at Jammin’ Java, $10)

Jonathan Coulton (March 11, at Jammin’ Java, $15)

Ron Sexsmith (March 14, at Jammin’ Java, $12, CD release)

Bruce Cockburn!!!!! (March 23, at the National Cathedral. Don’t know how much it costs, don’t really care. Bruce Cockburn, people.)

I probably ought to put in links and stuff. But it’s Saturday, and I’m lazy. Google is your friend.


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