hold me down man there ain't no need to mention

1. This just showed up on my Lifehacker feed:


Absolutely brilliant, if you're running iTunes on either a Mac or a PC. Local concerts, pulled out of your library (with a simple hack to add others) and displayed on your Visualizer. It includes hotlinks to the venues and a pop-up system for other groups appearing at a show.

I think I have a new favorite toy. And I predict a jump in our ticket budget in the very near future.

2. Jonathan Coulton has a song about curling ("Curl"). You know how much I love curling, Loyal Reader. He also sings about zombies ("Re: Your Brains"), bacteria, Mandelbrot sets, sci-fi ("Chiron Beta Prime"), and pretzel stand employees ("You Could Be Her").

Go. Go, buy, download, listen.


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