so here I am sitting at the bus stop

To prove that we here at PTSD are nothing if not multidisciplinary (or, as Bertie Wooster would say, adept at flitting from flower to flower), today's post is on food(s):

First, stromboli.*meat, cheese, tomato sauce, veggies, more cheese, all combined together and wrapped up in a brown, bread-like covering. Where had you been my entire life so far, stromboli? Now, I've found you, I shall make frequent trips to acquire you. I shall try you in various guises. I shall savour your yummy goodness. Yes, stromboli, you were once lost from my diet and are now found. No worries, I won't let you go.

Then, these. In caramel. Double-coated. Original. Dark chocos. All flavours. Thank you, World Market. Oh, and thank you for being metro-accessible and having (proper, not bloody Hershey's) Cadbury's Fruit and Nuts. I haven't forgotten your "mix and match six-pack, $1.49/bottle" deal either. I can't believe it took me four years to find you (and you were right nearby!) but I've found you now. I'll keep going to visit you (especially for the Tim Tams), I shall hang outside your doors when they are shut, I shall forlornly peer through the windows if you deny me entry, I shall write haikus in your name and, yes, I shall even sing at/for you. Though, after that, you may well refuse to know me.

Back to regularly-scheduled programming some time soon.

* Thanks to P and M, respectively, for the discoveries.


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