take back your pieces, take back your pawns

Right, so I'm back. With this, which is clear evidence that I am not good at everything. Not even close.

There is no socially redeeming value to the following.


Elizabeth: Oh my god. Scrapbooking is the stupidest hobby ever. I want to poke my eyes out with these idiotic funny-edged scissors.

Online Person: That would leave distinctive scar marks, wouldn't it? YAY! I am back on my laptop with working wireless. *clings to the wireless and the laptop*
it sounded like you were having some fun there earlier. Was it all alcohol and whee! and politely overlooking the inherent inanity of the scrapbook?

E: You're back!!!!
*bounces with glee*


E: And it was fun when it was just moving the bits of paper around. But now there's cutting and measuring and glue and omg my OCD tendencies + spatial issues = the Seventh circle of housewife HELL.


OP: YES. I like the idea of slapping things down with big messy glue smears and such, but actually attempting the orderly and the pretty is... no.

E: My hobby is SO MUCH better than this.
This? Is like the Stepford hobby.
And, as if that weren't painful enough, the guys are playing ps2 boxing.

OP: *giggles* A LOT.

E: karna is going to bite you on the ass for laughing at my pain.

karma. dammit.


OP: Karna karna karna. I though it was rum and beer? Just what have you been up to tonight?


E: and then there are scissors. these people are insane.

OP: really, it sounds like they might be.
or have evil, evil plans.
they look all normal

E: oh, wait. have to go glue something. brb

OP: and scrapbook-ey.

E: there are popsicle sticks. I can't do this.
Who the fuck ever invented a hobby that involves rubbing paper with popsicle sticks???

OP: chokes to death and misses MJ
do you want to hurt me with your silly popsicle stick habit?

E: oops. karma works fast.

OP: karna

E: right. that.

OP: right.


OP: WHAT THE FUCK are you guys doing rubbing paper with sticks?

E: *is dorkiest girl ever*


E: that's what puts the little words on the page. or are they just messing with me?
they could be just messing with me.
I wouldn't be able to tell.

OP: I am Very Confused. Somebody is messing with somebody.


E: no, really. they have little quotes on plastic, and then they rub it with sticks (only I borke mine) and then the words are on the paper.

OP: Must record this for posterity. And add to t-shirt list: (only I borke mine)
actually, it's making sense now.
that's very... fiddly.


E: "You win at space pirates! (Only, I borke mine.)" \o/


E: I don't understand why anyone would do this for fun. This is like the sort of thing you have to do in detention.

OP: yes. or yet another way to remind you of your imperfections. Am bad at RUBBING.

E: oh god. I think I really did break it. now there are three people trying to get it to stick.

OP: Your crowd seems pretty committed to this project.
That's cool and all.

E: I think it's a gift.
I feel kind of bad.

OP: You just proved you're not suited to this particular task.
That's okay.
you have valuable skills we appreciate elsewhere
Ray, especially.

E: But really, who could possibly think I'd be good at this?


E: I'm only here because they promised me cake and alcohol. Nobody said anything about arts and crafts.



OP: Drunk pics are the best!

E: No drunk pics. Paper pics only.

OP: Drunk pics! Drunk pics!

E: Figured out that my shirt has a deeper v than I thought.

OP: good to know.

E: Do not need to show Teh Internets my bra.

OP: just wait til MJ

E: So paper pics only.

OP: Teh Internets will see bras. And drunk pics. And YAY.

E: But not scrapbooking while drunk. Because that's just *too* embarrassing.

OP: It's important to have standards. *nods*

E: it is.


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