Site of the Month: December

Since E's away and I've finally logged in my grades for the semester*, I decided to take over PTSD and update the "Site of the Month" feature.

I guess it's not a surprise as to what I picked: The BBC Online web site, with a special shout out to BBC World Service Radio. I've had a radio since I was 7 and I've listened to the World Service, off and on, ever since.

For news, nostalgia, knowledge** and nonsense, you can't go anywhere better. These days, you can even get most of the shows online.*** The section I most recently spent time on? My Science-Fiction Life. Go while away your time there.

When are you going to employ me, BBC? I have no job, no money, no future, and not much of a life so I'd fit right in with the lifestyle of a roving reporter. Ideally, though, I'd like to be an indolent cricket commentator--sit around in the "Test Match Special Box" up in the stands and chat with Aggers and Boycott.**** In case any of you BBC folks are reading PTSD, I've always dreamed of being a commentator. Hire me!

* I went with the "remain harsh" option. I gave C's! I'll probably be kidnapped, staked to the ground and run over by a Humvee for that.

** Yes, I linked to the "Science" site for knowledge and "Comedy" for nonsense. I'm conforming to dominant depictions of the natural science as being "knowledge" and comedy as "nonsense". Want to argue about that?

*** Including Torchwood and Red Dwarf. Isn't that fantastic?

**** I know the names of all the positions and grew up in the shadow of the willow. Really, I did.


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