song for ten

The BBC, in order to make sure that those of us who hate the Christmas season* and are looking forward to Spring, has given us this--an Advent Calendar. It's got some fun stuff from the past two seasons of one of PTSD's favourite shows.

I'd recommend checking out "2--Secret Santa", "4--the song from the Christmas Invasion (very catchy)", "7--the jigsaw" and especially "11--the Monsters' Quiz".

ETA: Okay, no. 14 is the best so far-- "Save Earth! Shoot Santa!". Trust the Beeb to take a pretentious tagline and turn it into something funnier :-)

* It's a marvellous time to realise how little I've done all year, how miserable flunkie-ing is and wonder whether I'll ever finish dissertating. In Australia, Christmas used to be accompanied by 3-month long-summer vacations (I worked full time but it was still summer), cold salads in the mornings and swimming in the ocean in the arvos and bright, hot, sunshine. None of those here. Well, except maybe the cold salad.


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