Eye of the Tiger (near Dupont)

So, IntLaw was giving me a lift downtown earlier tonight* when we passed a major DC landmark.

We noticed lots of suited-up and posh-looking men and women milling about outside.

We noticed bright lights and silly grins.

We noticed a sign saying "Private Showing only: Rocky Nth**"

We decided it's not fair that postgraduate students have to scrimp and save (and get no funding) while Rocky no. N gets funded.

We thought about protesting the oppression of a system that promotes such dreadful allocation of resources.

But, no, dear reader, we did nothing. There were no revolutions from us two.

Though, if E had been there too, who knows what may have happened?

* I had to meet up with some of my people to buy a scarf. It's a long story, better left untold.

** Yes, well, I can't remember what number the latest one is.


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