Good news week*

E gave you songs, I give you news stories.

First, we all knew it wouldn't last: The Maoists call for strikes to protest something or the other. I mean, if you can call for strikes (and have them occur), it'd be hard to give up that practice.

Then, how about this? There will be fewer females in the neighbouring country. But, wait, a lass even turns out to be a lad, cutting down the number even further. How do they test for gender, I wonder? And shouldn't that be "sex"? I do agree that after days of flunkie-ing and grading, I'm even more confused than usual but isn't gender socially constructed (and, hence, scientifically untestable)?

Good news sneaks in though: The Aussies (led by Ponting who, according to my Grandma, looks more like GWB each day) have taken back the Ashes.

But, it's not good news for everyone in Australia. This lot of refugees been turned away from "Australia's most friendly town". Really, this is a bit much-- I've been to Tamworth. If people are willing to come live there, dear city leaders, please invite them instead of sending them away.

Then, of course, there're the usual stories: people blow themselves (and others) up in Iraq, Tamil Tigers kidnap folks, Miss USA was nearly stripped of her title (but got to keep it due to the charity of the Donald), there may or may not be an early election in Palestine and you can go here to "have your say" about news stories.

Don't forget: we are in the midst of a "global struggle" beween the forces of moderation and extremism**. Wake up, world! (Where're the Wiggles when you need them?)

But, fear not. The Christmas episode (The Runaway Bride) of DW is next week, Torchwood has marginally improved (or, more likely, my standards have dropped and I'm willing to let Cardiff, Capt. Jack and the lilting Welsh accents stand in instead of wishing for some actual plot and coherent storylines).

Oh, and I'm off watch more episodes of Minoriteam. After all, I can't save the world and am not too keen on changing it. Surviving is enough for now.***

* We were supposed to talk about our favourites. I'm cheating again by referring to one of them in the title.

**It's almost like mixing Moulin Rouge/the Full Monty/Star Trek:TNG.
E, shall I provide further details?

***On that note, when does Life on Mars return?


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