saturday morning blues

And this is why I have no "favourite thing" post. Thoughts on the week that just passed:

- Going to various (insert name of DC-based NGOs or think tank) is great fun*. I felt like David Attenborough in one of his many forays to foreign lands to discuss the mating habits of pink squid. My task? Eat and drink copiously and take the opportunity to (very quickly) make people change topics by announcing (to people discussing the plight of various parts of Central and South America) that one "does terrorism". Then adding "oh, but not on a practical level--yet".

- Hanging out at TUWSNBN with people who are in a much later cohort than mine and realising I've turned into that person--the one who used to hang out in the corner of the PhD office and look like they were actually doing work when they were not.

- Deciding to carry my (seemingly) 5-kilogram notebook with me so I can actually do some work during those hours I spend in the local BigNameBookstore.

- Saying farewell to Liverpool's chances of winning anything this season now that they've drawn Barca for the next round. Well done, Liverpool--I hope you realise you were the only thing keeping me from inhaling bad gases from the stove during this f...ing miserable "Holiday" season.

- Being told "you always seem so blase when talking about studies" by a law school acquaintance and deciding to take that as a compliment (which it surely wasn't--even I can tell that). Would being in a constant state of obsession help in writing? Surely not. Having more time would but that's something beyond my control at the moment. After all, one does have to eat and pay rents. If only "Holiday" parties were on all year.

-Grading. As of today, I've got to grade 30 15-page papers by this upcoming Thursday. Right now, I'm on paper no. 2 (and procrastinating by telling yous about it instead of getting to work on said paper).

Oh, and it's E's turn anyway to write about some of her favourite things.

* Why didn't I know of this before this year? People have parties at which they give out free foods and drinks and not many impoverished students take advantage of this? They should.


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