if only i don't bend and break

Let's start with the easy one: No, I don't want to talk about the game. Trust me on this, no one from Ohio is going to want to talk about that game. Not until the pain fades, which should be sometime around, oh, 2017 or so. Maybe not even then. We've got long memories.

In all likelihood, the game's not even a popular topic in Florida, because it's January and all of the snowbirds are down there, hanging out on the lanai and Not Talking About The Game.

Right. So that's clear. The game, like RENT, is a taboo topic around here. It makes me cranky, but grateful that my first love is hockey.

That said, Sam Ford has an interesting hypothesis at the MIT Convergence Culture Consortium blog about music communities. I couldn't resist adding my two cents about television fandoms, but it would be great if it turned into wider conversation about fandom and fan community as concepts, and maybe about the differences between f2f and virtual communities.

Those of you not staring down the barrel of a new semester may want to check it out.

[ETA: Oh, and while I'm handing out reading suggestions, go read John Scalzi's latest post.

TAD: I'm fat and I've got sheep on my cover. You might as well just set me on the remainder table right now.

Me: You don't think you might be being a little overdramatic about this.

TAD: Don't patronize me, Mr. Campbell-Cheese-Board-Award.

What? It's damn funny stuff. You'll thank me later.]


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