waking up to the sound

Content? What is this content of which you speak? Don't you people realize that the Big Name Conference is at the end of this month, and I have somehow ended up with four papers to write?

Content. Honestly. The internet is such a demanding place.

Still, because I do believe that you deserve something in the way of entertainment, Loyal Reader, I bring another YouTube clip. This time, it's the Barenaked Ladies, who are not Stan Rogers or the Headstones, but who are quite awesome in their own right. And they think DRM is stupid, which would make me love them even if I didn't spend my teenage years smuggling boxes of mac & cheese into clubs.

I suspect you had to be there to understand why that last bit was funny. Anyway. A video by BNL, made up almost entirely of videos made by people who are not BNL.


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