if only i didn't have to teach on friday...

Jerrold Post*, the author of such groundbreaking books such as The Psychology of Political Behaviour, The Mind of the Terrorist, and Know Thy Enemy (I promise I'm not making any of these titles up) is speaking at the Shakespeare Theatre here in Washington this Friday. Here's the full info:

Via today's Washington Post Express:

Dr. Jerrold Post, director of GWU's political psychology program, joins the Shakespeare Theatre Company's Ken Adelman in analyzing "Richard III". Post spent decades getting inside the heads of world leaders for the CIA. "We'll compare Richard to Hitler, Stalin and all the terrible people we've seen since Shakespeare's time," Adelman told Express.

The Shakespeare Theatre, 450 7th St. NW; Fri., noon, $10, lunch included; 202-547-1122. (Gallery Place-Chinatown)

I'm not sure whether to be amused, horrified or just plain disappointed I won't get to go (and heckle).

* In the interest of showing my hand (yes, well, poker terminology lingers), I have a rather large section in my dissertation, criticising the "let's figure out terrorists' psyches" approach to studying terrorism that is now in vogue. Dr. P happens to be a bit of a proponent of that particular aspect of studying terrorists.


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