Friday? Already?

1. Lots of people want to use science fiction to teach IR. Everyone who doesn't apparently places those who do in the category "geek."

2. For some reason, every time I'm in Chicago, I end up at the same cafeteria-style restaurant. I'm never the one who thinks to go there. It's odd.

3. For the record, stretching to push in a tack is the same motion as stretching to grab something from a high shelf. Both are not good for my back. That little popping sound? Definitely a bad thing.

4. Academic bar conversations are a hell of a lot funnier when one is on muscle relaxers and a schedule three narcotic.

5. Q: How many academics does it take to find a pizza place in Chicago?
A: One more than we had last night.

6. I have one hour to finish a presentation for a paper that's so bad I couldn't bring myself to send it to the discussant ahead of the panel.

It's possible that WeberMan was right. Four papers at one conference is not a good idea.

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