I've got a brand new shiny helmet and a pair of kinky boots

BNC awaits next week. In the meantime, both E and I are frantically finishing our papers.

I had a bit of an enforced break for the past 24 hours or so because of a very important reason. Two of my fingers of my left hand were glued together, making it fairly difficult to type.*

Let me walk yous through how that happened:

1. I realise that the two pairs of boots I own are both falling apart.
2. I go to the shops to try find the same styles. I become unsuccessful.
3. I buy the strongest type of glue.
4. I use it liberally on my boots.
5. I realise my fingers are now stuck to one of the boots. The "hold for 30 seconds" does not apply to fingers being in the vicinity of the glued object.
6. I have to cut out part of the boot to free my hand.
7. As suggested by the manufacturer, I use "soap and warm water" to try remove the glue. It doesn't work.
8. I end up with two fingers stuck together, pieces of leather and cloth attached to the back of said fingers and a large area of skin removed from my thumb. It is not pretty. I would attach a picture to this post but I fear that may not be safe for your tender eyes.
9. I am teaching tomorrow and BNC is next week. I do hope skin grows back quickly.
10. Hopefully, the boots will be wearable next week.

Take care, dear PTSD readers. It's a dangerous world we live in.

* I wonder if discussants and fellow panel members will take this as proof of why I am delaying sending them my papers?


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