i'm the leader of the Liberator*

Continuing our recent trend of sharing YouTube videos with yous, here's something that raised my spirits**

A Blake's 7*** and Monty Python mash-up. Sort of.

* Lyrics here.

**Which definitely needed raising after finding out that I shall soon have to vacate my place of residence. Actually, make that "very soon". PTSD readers who fancy a fairly quiet, slightly odd and yet mostly harmless postgrad student camping in your basement, email me.

***Not quite sure if American audiences got Blake's 7? If yous didn't, do have a look at it since it was pretty good camp fun. Their ship was called "the Liberator" and was usually anything but. Also the (usual) cheap and yet effective BBC set designs and all those lovely hairdos. Who link? Created by Terry Nation, of creator-of-Daleks fame.


At 2/15/2007 8:32 PM, Blogger Joelogon said...

I loved Blake's 7, styrofoam boulders and all. We got it on public television; the theme song is epic, and the anti-Federation story arcs were pretty intense.

At 2/16/2007 11:53 PM, Blogger Priya said...

How about the dodgy fight scenes? And the clothing? The ending? Cool villains? As a kid, though, I was best fond of Orac.

Wiki tells me that there's a new audio version of Blake's 7 supposed to be out this spring. It'd be fun to see what happens there.


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