the distance from A to where you'd be

1) I think I'm going to use last night's BSG as a teaching tool next summer. Students like that sort of thing, right? Maybe it could be a hypothetical situation for a class exercise.

2) I'm working on paper #3 today (this would be on memory and war, for those of you keeping score at home) and as part of that have been trolling around the internet getting a feel for what sort of information is readily available. Some ninety years after the Zimmerman Telegram, it's possible to find WWI fanvids on youtube.

As a researcher, I find this fascinating and exciting and a wonderful use of technology to preserve history. It's exactly the sort of thing that sites like youtube can do which traditional information sources can't. It's brilliant.

As an academic I'm miffed that the BNC doesn't offer A/V equipment, because this (and another video, which I like even more but which lacks a lot of the explanatory notes that people who don't already know the conflict need to understand *why* it's so interesting) would be absolutely perfect as part of my presentation.

As a person, I'm waffling between intrigued and appalled.


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