between the news and you

No, I don't have any news story to link to though I'm hoping E puts up another YouTube video in lieu of either of us having to post something coherent.

-- My excuse? Well, my hair's gone from a (self perpetuated) mullet to a (professionally-assisted) altar boy hairstyle.* It's enough to drive a girl to go off in search of a cap to hide under until hair grows to a length that is not 0.5 inches.

-- I got the evaluations for the Fall 2006 class I taught. I've actually not looked at the "narrative" comments but the non-narrative (shading boxes) version seems to fit in with my own evaluation. Unfortunately, I changed the class (structure and teaching style) based on my past class and this class seems to be quite different. More talkative, keener to argue, cheekier, and with a few students older than I am.**

-- Then, as E pointed out, there's Big Name Conference coming up. So far, the discussant has dropped out of one of my panels,*** I'm frantically trying to write/clean up the two papers I am supposed to present, I have nowhere to stay for 3 out of 4 nights (nothing new there) and am wondering why I didn't just propose to present my dissertation chapter draft instead of whatever it is I am supposed to be doing.

On the plus side, I've managed to beg ABloggingProf to take over one of my classes so I can take the civilised mode of transportation up to Big Name Conference City. Yes, before yous ask, it's 17.5 hours each way.

* Both styles are dire warnings about what is likely to happen if you are a) pratically blind without glasses and b) tell yourself (or your haircutter) that "I only want to see the result". 0.5 inch-long hair. I kid you not.

** I've got a post about teaching students whose first language is not English lined up. Just after that female constructivist post.

*** I wonder if that means I can finish up my paper on the train journey up? After all, if there is no discussant, I don't need to submit the paper early, right?


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