Franzen takes the ice

I'm beyond pleased that Calgary's asinine strategy to throw the Wings off their game didn't work out.

That series of shots in Game 5? Cheap and unworthy of an otherwise strong team. I wanted to like the Flames, but that was right up there with the Game That Made the Avalanche Worthy of Undying Hatred.

That Franzen is the one who took the winning shot tonight made me cheer in a terribly unbecoming manner. Good for him, and I hope whoever called that play with McLennan gets his ass fired. You don't pull that kind of shit in hockey. It makes everyone else look bad, like they're some kind of thugs.

Violence in hockey is a carefully regulated technique. They should have known better.

Canucks vs. Stars tomorrow night to finish this round in the West, so you can guess what I'll be watching. And who I'll be cheering for.

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