Health alert: Real Life becomes a Bit Too Real

Posting is likely to be limited from me for the next couple of weeks as I slave away, 9am-7pm at the flunkie-ing gig (including 9-5 on weekends, thank you) to earn money so the U.S. government can promptly take it away from me. I also have 20-some research papers to grade, students to piss off, dissertation stuff to think on and a "joint" paper to edit and amend.

Long story? Well, apparently after being here for 5 years, one is counted as a "resident for tax purposes" (but not anything else) and has to pay medicare and social security taxes*. TUWSNBN's HR people had apparently forgotten about this so I owe them a lot of money by the end of May.

I did point out that I'd not been here for five years since I didn't get here till the end of August 2002 and spent six months overseas in 2005. But, apparently, those (like Denmark) do not matter. Just the year of entry matters.

That means, according to this rule, I was somehow here in the United States in early 2002 even though my physical self was in Nepal (till May) and in England/Wales (till September) and had not even entered the United States till September.

* A very helpful Human Resources person pointed out that I would get that back "when you retire" but added (when told that I am from Nepal) "oh, but only if you retire in the US".


At 5/15/2007 7:07 PM, Anonymous serena said...

gotta love the u.s. government. they get you coming and going and apparently when just your mind is present here but not your physical self. you must have been in astral form.

At 5/16/2007 9:34 AM, Blogger Priya said...

It was rather hilarious (though not at the time!)

Having visions of a brainless, zombie-like Me walking about in Nepal and Europe that summer.


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