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Date: 25 May, 2005
Place where I was: Copenhagen, Denmark
Time: Night
Event: Champions League Final Liverpool vs AC Milan

After having spent the day wandering around the sights of the city*, I wanted to end it by watching the Liverpool-AC Milan Champions League Final. At half-time, I gave up and started walking back, through the city centre, to my hostel. Score: AC Milan 3, Liverpool 0.

At the entrance to the alley which led to the hostel, there was a small pub. Space for about 10-12 people. I glanced at it as I walked past. There was a small television in the corner. Score: AC Milan 3, Liverpool 3.

In the rapidly-cold night, I stood outside (the pub looked rather dodgy and I had no money left), watching the ensuing penalty shootout through a fairly grimy front window.

Final score? Well, yous should all know it. I believe I blogged about it. Liverpool won on penalties.

Two years later. 23 May, 2007.
Place: Washington, DC (Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda, to be precise)
Time: Afternoon

Champions League final at 2.30pm, Washington time. I've got my red shirt ready (and, being a realist about my team, a different shirt to cover it with)

It's really too much to hope for (and expect) that a similar tale will be told for the second time in three years. It's pretty much inconceivable that a team which could barely finish third in the Premiership will win against a team composed almost entirely of World Cup winners (or finalists).

But, as always, I hope. I don't want a good match, I just want Liverpool to win.

* All yous need to know is that the Little Mermaid is actually quite tiny, there are a lot of buildings--churches and suchlike-- upon whicn one can climb all the way to the roof and there are free bicycles to ride about in the city centre. Bright red bicycles. And lots of dodgy-ish take-out joints selling (my favourite food there, really) kylling kebabs.

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