if only i didn't have to work...

Yes, well, apologise for cheesy title. I only have 30 mins of 'net access so can't afford to actually think about these things. So, onwards to another list:

- Living in a Residence Hall--a branch of the same one I used to live in when in Sydney, Australia--at the U of Chicago is an absolutely marvellous experience. Having to actually do work (mainly because the Symposium at BigNameUni took up most of every day, leaving no time for my own uni stuff) is not as much fun. But, doable.

- Said Residence Hall is beautiful. U of Chicago is beautiful. Stone buildings, ivy growing on the walls, lovely people and did I mention a great place to live?

- Chicago itself is a lot more interesting in the summer. Free concerts, the "beach" (yes, well, I did have a few days to spend here), the Pier, the museums (Art Institute free on Fridays).

- Speaking of museums, I've found my two favourites--the Oriental Institute museum and the Museum of Science and Industry. The latter was a brilliant example of the "modern" type of museums--lots of interactive displays, multimedia, different types of exhibits. The former? A "classic" museum--shards of pottery and statues along with one of King Tut himself. Quiet, cool and perfect for the end of the day.

- The best bit though? Bookstores. U of Chicago appears to be set amongst some of the best bookstores in town. I managed to spend most of the evenings browing among them (and buying quite a few). Why don't any of Washington's unis have such places around them?

- Food--based on my earlier visit during BigNameConference, I couldn't say Chicago and food went together (for me, anyway). This time around--great neighbourhoods and foods. I had Polish "traditional" cuisine (seemingly lots of meat and onions).

Off now to worry about whether the train, on which I'm spending nearly two days on my way across the country to Portland, will have outlets so I can actually do the work that is due on Monday. But, before that, I have to lug my stuff (including the additional books I bought here!) to the train station.

Hopefully, E will entertain yous in the time I'm slaving away on the train.

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