another blasted syllabus

After a summer full of writing and amending all sorts of syllabi, mostly on subjects I have little or no interest in teaching but decided to turn them all into "international development/environment/climate change" aka "how we make sense of stuff" classes, I really didn't need to see or write up another syllabus again.

But, guess what? I did. So, I'm at here, in someone else's house (I'm homeless, in case yous have forgotten), writing a syllabus for TUWSNBN's World Politics class and trying not to weep at the sheer amount of work there is to be done. That's before I even get to class.

Yes, I nicked syllabi off various people again. Yes, I think the "International Security" section is fantastic (I'm making them read about war on film). The other sections? Well, they're getting there. I'm still trying to decide whether I should call the final week's classes "silences and margins" (as a previous professor apparently did) or just "What you missed out in the previous weeks".

There're also debates and international terrorism simulations and discussions about the "North-South Gap".

Just to recap: This semester, I have my own class (World Politics), am TA-ing two postgraduate classes (and attending both) and ostensibly writing more of my dissertation.

Life? Who needs a life, really?

ETA: I just finished a draft of my syllabus--for the final class, I'm getting them to debate "The 21st Century is when everything changes". I wonder if some of them will get it?

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