Huh. So this is what a blog looks like.

Right, yes, I know. I go off for months at a time, I never call, I never write, would it kill me to think about someone else for a change? Also, when was the last time I washed my curtains?

Blogging and my mother have a lot in common, it seems.

I have been, when not standing in a classroom (sometimes sans shoes, for several very good reasons) traveling a lot this summer.

So much so that now I can't find the time or money to go to the next BNC in Chicago, but I'm resigned to that now.

The short version of this summer:

1. Niagara Falls is touristy. So touristy that I suspect the Canadians are mocking us. Politely, of course.

2. North-central PA has many twisty roads, not all of which are safe to drive on.

3. Gas stations in NY are hard to find.

4. Hamilton, ON looks suspiciously like my hometown. Only with one-way streets. And French signs.

5. "Frozen Puck to the Head" is funnier than it ought to be.

6. Clove cigarettes may be my downfall. Or possibly real Canadian beer.

7. When your automobile begins to act strangely, it's a good idea to pay attention.

8. Backwards at 65 mph on the turnpike? Not as much fun as it sounds. Also, the smell of gasoline is much more unnerving when you're not actually at a gas station.

9. Ohio may not be exciting, but the mechanics, tow truck drivers, highway patrolmen, and tire salesmen are good people. Expensive, but helpful.

10. "Well, it could have been worse," is only a useful observation the first dozen times you hear it. After that, it starts to get annoying.

11. It is better to have people actually do what you ask than have them try to figure out what you really want. Helpful hint: I want you to do what I asked. Please.

12. Some houseguests are easier to deal with than others. The easy ones are rarely family.

13. There are good parties and there are bad parties. The good ones generally involve mocking of some sort.

14. Places which are good for a happy hour are probably not good for a writing meeting. Especially not if there's a jazz band.

15. DC is often unbearably hot, and yet you still need to venture outside and do things. This seems unfair, somehow.

So. That's 15 posts I won't be writing.

And while I'm catching up on things, here's a meme/quiz/time-wasting thing that I snagged from Learning to Live with It:

You Are The Hanging Man

You represent the seeking of enlightenment and spiritual clarity.
You tend to confuse others, but your oddities seem deeply satisfying.
Self sacrifice is easy for you, especially if it makes you a better person in the end.
You are the type of person who is very in touch with your soul and inner spirit.

Your fortune:

Right now is a good time for reflection and meditation.
You should stop resisting the problems in your life, and let yourself be vulnerable to them.
You may need to sacrifice something important to you to move ahead in your life.
Accept your destiny with courage, and learn to let go of what you think you need.
What Tarot Card Are You?

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