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Today's entry into the "This is Berkeley (for me)" category: two scenes from two days.

Yesterday (on the train to San Francisco):

Boy and Girl are sitting together, on a seat facing me. Boy moves closer to put his arm around the girl. Girl moves away.

Boy: Hey, no one's going to see.
Girl: doesn't matter.
Boy: You make it difficult to flirt with you.
Girl: We should look out for your sister
Boy: She's (something that sounds like) wacked (whacked?).
Girl: No, she just likes black.
Boy: Yes, that's what I mean. Wack.
Girl: My brother and his girlfriend work on Powell (street. Busy shopping area)
Boy (firmly): They are not going to see us. You're not letting me do anything anyway.

Today (at the cafetaria at uni):

Two girls are sat facing each other, fairly close to where I'm eating my supper.

GirlA: Is that all you're eating?
GirlB (who has a bowl with leaves in it. Just leaves): Yes
GirlA: Why? you not feeling good?
GirlB: No, I'm on a diet. Mom says if I lose ten pounds when I come back, she'll give
me $200 to buy clothes.
GirlA: I couldn't do that. I can't diet.
GirlB: I tried last year. Had anorexia (like saying "I had a cough"). Giggles I got over it. But, I still need to lose weight. (she wasn't overweight by the way. Slightly chubby--maybe a size 12 in US size)
GirlA: Well, if it makes you feel better, I have depression. It's genetic in my family.

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