what's the deal with this robert cox fellow?

I'm grading papers at the TUWSNBN's pitiful excuse for a PhD office. I'm also listening to some of the freshers discuss Critical Theory as they prepare for their presentation for IR Theory.

A couple of points: the ongoing debate about whether a "discussion of Marxism" is necessary when describing Critical Theory

and, "this is absolutely great. I love it. I want to know it inside out"* followed by "did anyone criticise this? I mean, how can they--there's nothing to say"

* Somewhere, many Critical Theorists (those who are still alive) are jumping about in joy.

For me, it's rather interesting just how much these people seem to know compared to how little I knew that stage. Perhaps that is why I am still here, even after all these years, plodding away at this whole dissertating/teaching gig.

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