Kicking a man when he's down...or flogging a dead horse

Yes, well, the Hume post is coming up soon but I just want to point out that, so far, this has been a week from Hell. And not the fun, happy, Hell populated by witty writers and artists but the fire and brimstone version that is likely to give you nightmares. Why? you ask (well, you probably don't but let's say you did). Mainly because my supervisor at LS is in some sort of a frenzy and has been constantly yelling at me (latest being to tell me to do my ticks in the "correct" way i.e. the non-lefthanded way. I think that's pretty much bullying and am refusing)

However, this happened too this week. My team, in efficient, v un-Liverpool-like fashion, crafted out a 0-0 draw the day before and went through to the next stage as the leaders of the group. I'm still getting used to this new version of my team who don't cock up at the last minute and let a goal through. Who knows how long this will last but as long as it does, I'm loving it. So, Liverpool went through. Man U, despite facing an opposition hobbled by injuries, crashed out.

A few years ago, I'd have probably been in high heaven at the result. Now, it's not even lifting my spirits much. I rather feel like it's like stealing money off a blind man. Or, shooting fish in a barrell. Or...yes, well, the cliches could go on.

It's just not fun hating them anymore. I even felt slightly sorry for them. Shocking.


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