A week at the Big Name Conference


Live blogging is out; next time they plan one of these shindigs, someone should check and make sure that the hotel has free wireless. There’s nothing sadder than a line of academics all twitching because they’re going into internet withdrawal and the email access is through a public kiosk.

Also, since we don’t have the ability to use IM in the panel sessions, everyone’s being forced to actually listen to the papers. I give it another day and a half, and someone’s going to snap.

Already the rat choice folks are refusing to speak to the cybernetics guys; chaos is sure to follow.

Some quick points on the week so far:

1. A 7:00am flight out of National is very, very early. When the flight then sits on the runway for two hours while the maintenance staff plays fax-tag with headquarters, the passengers get restless. And cranky.

2. The Pacific Ocean is very, very cold. Very cold. Even if the weather is warm. Don’t be fooled by the Minnesotans on vacation. They don’t know any better.

3. At 8:00am, how the coffee tastes isn’t an issue. As long as it’s strong, all is right with the world. And it’s very nice when someone else makes the coffee for you.

4. Walking and drinking coffee at the same time? Not such a good idea. Good thing I wore a patterned sweater. And a jacket.

5. I don’t get the concept of the fried fish taco. Why are they selling them on every corner?

6. Fried cheese on a stick, though, I do understand. They sell it in the malls here, instead of just at the fair.

7. The grad students from TUWSNBN are remarkably consistent. Get to the bar early, stake out a table, and keep ordering beer and fried food until people start dozing off in their glasses.

8. Flamingos smell funny.

You’ll have to rely on Priya for today’s conference highlights; I’m taking the day off to go sightseeing.


At 3/26/2006 3:20 PM, Blogger Priya said...

Nepali folk v much appreciated the Pacific Ocean too (well, this one did!) and ended up splashing around and walking on the beach for what seemed like miles.

At 3/27/2006 1:51 PM, Anonymous serena said...

Ah i forgot to step foot in the ocean ah well there will have to be another trip to the great CA!


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