Sometimes, the universe gives you a bit of entertainment

Well, the panels are done. I've decided that I *can* have too much of a good thing, and so the third NE paper (the only one really related to my diss topic) is chucked in favor of looking for a smaller conference to present it at, maybe in early spring.

As a break, I've been carrying on with listing our books in LibraryThing. I've talked about it before, probably. And there are random titles from our library floating over there in the sidebar.

Anyway, a few minutes ago I switched over to check a title, and found out that I just crossed the 1000 book mark. The latest entries?

999. Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus
1000. Kenneth Waltz, Theory of International Politics
1001. Andrew Abbott, Chaos of Disciplines

Don't tell me the universe doesn't have a sense of humor. These books didn't even start out next to each other on the bookcase. They just ended up in the pile that way.


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