by Serena with the Eight Things meme. So here goes, even though lots of people know totally bizarre things about me from regular conversations and I really had to think about stuff that would fit. This is difficult when I don't quite grasp the concept of randomness.

Eight random things about me:

1. At the moment, my favorite song is "Left and Leaving" by The Weakerthans. It makes me want to curl into a ball and cry. That might be a good enough reason. Given that I tend to treat the music I choose as a personal soundtrack, I'm trying to ignore any psychological implications of this.

2. I don't know how to whistle.

3. I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue. You'd be surprised how often it comes in handy as a party trick.

4. I'm terrified of army ants, the big black ones. I have good reasons for it.

5. I'm saving up for a B flat French Horn to replace my current instrument. I don't think my neighbors will appreciate it.

6. I only really relax when I'm surrounded by trees and lakes and not a road in sight or sound. Given the chance, I'd move northwest without looking back, without even blinking. I'll take snow over summer every time.

7. I can't read books I don't love.

8. I'm addicted to philosophy Lemon Custard lip gloss.

I'm not tagging anyone in particular, so if you want to do the list, consider yourself tagged.


At 6/26/2006 1:44 PM, Anonymous serena said...

Hee hee, good list...sorry it has taken me so long to reply....

I've been busy! much like you i presume...how is teaching?

At 6/30/2006 5:53 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Hard. But rewarding, as such things often are.


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