Beware of hordes, perils, waves and floods

I always like it when politicians do some of my work for me. I've been reading this rather fun book about plantations in Ireland and the famine and the loads of people, miserable, depressed, scared, unsure of the future, leaving (and/or dying). It suits my current mood, you see.

In those days, it was the barbarian, uncivilised hordes of Irish flooding coastal ports like Liverpool (and as far away as America). After that, it was the Yellow Peril. For Samuel Huntington, it was (is?) the waves of Hispanic immigrants from Mexico and now, for Jacques Chirac, it's African people who "will flood the world".

The entire world too. Fancy that.

Oh, and in case yous have forgotten, today is Bastille Day, where all French folks get together to celebrate freedom from oppression (or so the web sites tell me). Viva la revolution Liberty, Egality, Fraternity* and all that. This, obviously, does not apply to you if you're planning on being part of that African flood.

* Yes, I got my revolutionary phrases mixed up.


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