Site of the month: August

Another academic site, but one with stuff for the whole family.

A site on theory

The site's got an excellent Links page but also has fun stuff like Lego sets, trading cards and ideas for playing trading card games.

Check out the Foucault Lego set, described on the site as:

"The Lego Michel Foucault comes with a Parisien library for younger children or the Lego San Francisco S/M dungeon for older boys and girls."

There're also Lego sets for Anthony Giddens and Stuart Hall.

In case Lego's not your thing (how could it not be, though? I still have my first-ever Lego set), then there're Theorists trading cards*

Lacan's card describes his strengths as "highly influential among many theoretical schools" and his weaknesses as "often unintelligible, bordering on nonsense".

* If you look around on the main page, you'll see a sign that says "Bowling Green Bootlegs". These are apparently students from the Bowling Green University (and aspiring theorists) who made their own cards. Ideas, E?


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