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When I saw this headline on the Beeb's front page today, thoughts of screamings office-workers running away from their cubicles while being chased by deadly software came into my head.

Unfortunately, the news was much more mundane.

Read all about the "Poisoned powerpoint attacks users" here.

I've been playing with technology far more than I usually do as I spent four hours last night trying (with some random Internet person's help) to figure out why the sound on my computer suddenly went off. This was right when I was about to watch the final 3 episodes of Doctor Who so I was not too pleased. It was 3am by the time I, without taking it to a shop, sorted it all out.

To those of yous following my (potential) trip to the baseball match tomorrow: the ticket is still not in hand but should be by the end of the day. I am now off to investigate what the local team's colours are.

ETA: (Un?) surprisingly, and showing most likely cosmic forces are at play, the local team's colour is red and the opposition's blue. Ring any bells? Though I hardly think I'd care too much if this blue team wins.


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