Visual cues and IR: Body language among top leaders

PTSD readers probably know of how difficult it is to get "proper" research done on visual images and cues in the serious and scholarly world of International Relations.

Not to worry, the Beeb did some of the work for poetential researchers working on topics like power relations (or great power relations) or even gender relations among heads of state or some such. Under the heading "G8 summit body language", the Beeb's got 8 pictures (with analysis added) here.

Check them out--go all the way to the end. So, Merkel gets her hand held by Bush and Putin gets a (perhaps dirty) joke? There's a research paper right there.

ETA: Well, the Beeb is practically a library for IR-related research topics today. Check out the transcript of the Bush-Blair conversation, accidentally caught on video by CCTV.

One of the choice bits is Blair talking of the different public expectations about what would happen if he (i.e. Britain) took a trip to Syria/Middle East versus if Condoleeza Rice (i.e. the United States) did:

Blair: "Well it's only if she [Condoleeza Rice] needs the ground prepared as it were. If she goes out she HAS to succeed whereas I can just go and..."

Emphasis in the original. Ah, how imperialism has changed!


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