Talking of shoes

Taking a break from PTSD's recent posts on news and academia and baseball, here's what I have been up to lately: checking out shoes.

No, not to buy them. I already bought my third summer pair* (which, added to the hiking shoes, long winter boots and the colourful Danish sneakers I already own make it an even total of half a dozen pairs of shoes) earlier this summer. Besides, I'm poor and would rather spend money on buying books rather than shoes. But, these days, I like looking at shoes (and even recommended a few shoe shops to E the last time I met her) and DC in the summertime is a good place for shoe-spotting**.

Today, I found out that shoes have names. Different styles have different names. This may be fairly obvious but did yous know there're sub categories within categories? It's not just sneakers and sandals and boots but "slingbacks" and "espadrilles". I had no clue.

Check this out for one woman's descriptions (including names and pictures) of her shoes. It's almost like having my own Periodic Table of Shoes.

* Since they come with heels, I've not actually worn them about yet. I just take them out of their shelf and look at them every once in a while.

** A practice rather like Trainspotting but without the attendant dangers of substance abuse, drowning in toilets or getting beat up by Begbie.


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