Reading list for required courses

Reading list for a required undergrad class at TUWSNBN*:

One article per class. Sometimes, two. About 20-30 pages total (often fewer)

Reading list for my required undergrad classes (okay, this was nearly a decade ago but):

My required classes (first and second years) were Effective Writing, Australian history and Australian politics. In all of those, especially in the latter two, we had to read loads of stuff, including diaries, novels (this, for example, for Australian history), newspaper accounts of people dying gruesome deaths when trying to make the Bridge over River Kwai (a common feature of both Australian history and politics was how gruesome most of the readings were. Rather like having one's own horror show, but real) and poems. Each session, the reading list was easily over 100 pages and classes were divided into lectures (once a week) and tutes (twice a week, 10-12 students). I whinged then but I still remember most of my readings and the discussions.

Here, I was advised (sensibly, I reckon, since I want my students to read rather than be turned off the class) two articles for each session. Two little** articles. Bloody hell!

* A class that I am, hopefully, going to be teaching, starting in a few weeks.

** "Little" is, of course, subjective but most articles are fairly short.


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