the whole thing just escapes me

Weekend randomness:

1. Why doesn't DC television carry the OSU-BGSU game? I wanted to see my sister's alma mater getting squashed by mine.

Thank god for WMRN and the internet live feed, because I at least listened to the action.

2. Auburn got their asses handed to them by Arkansas. Take that, BCS.

3. The Tigers beat the Yankees. This is the part where I gloat, right? Just a little? Sports world, the Wings lost Shanahan this season. Give me something.

4. ESPN has the best player segment ever for Al Singleton. Just fantastic. The pissed off cheerleader rocks.

5. How does Shelly Payne get her hair to look good under that flameproof suit?

6. Sunday afternoon is where crappy B-movies go to die.

7. I'm thinking it's a bad idea to watch BSG and wait for the punchline. There's a disturbing lack of sarcasm in space. Callum Keith Rennie is still pretty, though.


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